So you've made it to our webpage. Um... well done? We mean...uh... WELL DONE! Yes, that's the ticket.

So... you've got a few options here.


1) Make and eat cheesy garlic bread. Frankly we recommend this no matter what.


2) Go to our facebook page and talk with us or something. Look at past Top 3's, ask us embarrasingly personal questions or even post bad photoshops of Pat's head on a goats body, we don't care... and Pat doesn't pay attention, so he won't either.


3) Go to Youtube and watch a whole bunch of past episodes. We keep them up to long as Brad gets off his ass and updates the page when he's supposed to.


4) Talk to us on Twitter. Pat manages the page...and he is lonely...please talk to him.


5) Send us a message using the form on the right. They don't even have to have correct spelling or punctuation. Heck, as long as we can reasonably determine that you made a half assed attempt at communicating in anything that even resembles english, we're more than happy to get it... start typing already!

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